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 photo taken by the dynamic duo from  bluelily   photography

photo taken by the dynamic duo from bluelily photography

My name is Stacy. I am the proud owner and (completely self-taught) designer behind ELM & GRAY. That family over there to your right, is mine. I had to include them here because, you see....I LOVE my family. With that said, I also LOVE designing.  I am extremely proud, yet humbled to be able say that I am living the life I always dreamed of...one where my love for my career and the love for my family are woven together in such a natural way.

As a former kindergarten teacher, I enjoyed teaching and adored the children. Unfortunately, many times I found myself exhausted at the end of a long school day with very little left to give the most important people in my life (my husband and children). I was constantly on the hunt for "something else" to do where I could contribute financially to our household and still be available for our children.

I've always had a "thing" for stationery andstarted dabbling in design for fun when my middle son was born. Soon after I had a small word of mouth stationery business going. This tiny word of mouth business eventually grew into a full blown wholesale stationery line that debuted at the NSS in May of 2005. Fast forward 9 years and I license over 1,000 designs to the Shutterfly family of sites. In addition to stationery, I work with several other amazing partners where I design for everything from placemats to pillows! Most recently, I have enjoyed working on several exciting branding projects where I've built out entire brand identity systems in partnership with my talented friend Heather of SIMPLY PUT COMMUNICATIONS.  I wake up every day excited to work! How many people actually get to say that?? woohoo!


I followed my dreams and ended up in an amazing place.


p.s. wonder why I chose the name Elm & Gray?  Being the oldest of five girls, my childhood was filled with an abundance of love and laughter. The majority of my memories were acquired while living in our first home on Elm Street. After 15 years, we relocated to Gray Street (only 5 blocks away) to the house my parents still live in today. Elm & Gray is a daily reminder for me to love, laugh and be thankful for the life I am living.