I guess today would be considered a "milestone" in my life. Today, I turn 40. I don't typically write about or document my birthdays. But today felt different. I want to remember this feeling I have deep in my belly. This feeling of being completely FULL.

...full of love, life and gratitude. I am exactly where I'm supposed to be, surrounded by a small army of beautiful friends and family.

My youngest son, Parker (1st grade), came home with a family crest project several weeks ago. As a family, we had to fill the crest with pictures and words to describe our values as a family. It was such an amazing exercise to do with my boys because it made me so proud to know that they are picking up on the simple, yet powerful motto I have tried to follow my entire life which is : "be kind and work hard". 

I think if there was anything I could say to my younger self to prepare her for the "Stacy at 40" it would simply be, continue working hard, (trusting God) and being kind. It will be enough to carry you through.

Today will come and go. Next year I will one year older. My experiences will change but the one thing that will remain consistent is my sheer gratitude and appreciation for my life and all of the people in it.

I made a little present for you on my birthday.

You can click to enlarge the 8 x 10 art print below - save it, print it and frame it. xo