real families choose elm & gray | the coulter's

One of the most rewarding things about being a designer is the thrill I get knowing that real families are choosing my work to be a part of their lives in some intimate, special way. Whether it's a personalized pillow to add a special touch to their family room or announcing the birth of their newborn to the will NEVER get old.

To celebrate this, I have decided to start a series where I showcase families who have chosen Elm & Gray to be a part of their lives! I introduce my newest "real family"! Please meet the Coulter's!

Jesse!  I am honored that you've agreed to let me share your sweet family! Please tell us a little about yourself!

Hi there! Jesse here and I write a lifestyle blog, JESSE COULTER, in Austin, TX. My husband and I have a 2 year old son, no pets, and ongoing home projects!

I've spent some time on your blog, it is adorable! You know who else is adorable??? Your sweet little boy, Turner! Can you tell me a little about his recent birthday party?

When planning my son’s 2nd birthday, I knew I wanted a simple birthday theme. I’m not in to character birthdays (at least not yet, because my son doesn’t know how to request it). I found your perfectly simple and beautifully designed invitation on Tiny Prints and fell in love. I knew the black & white polka dots would be the perfect theme. Originally, I bought mainly black & white décor, but as Halloween approached, Target pulled me in with their décor. Halloween is my favorite holiday (also my birthday month), so I decided to incorporate orange and some Halloween décor.  The party was perfect with family, friends and great food. I think I’ll have many more Halloween themed parties in the future.

I love the photo that you used for his invitation! It was a perfect choice - seems to really capture his personality and looks great with the card you chose!

My friend and photographer, Kim, of Kim Neuman Photography took these amazing photos of my son for the invitations and party. 

She did an amazing job!  Just for fun, can you give us a few "random facts" about your family?

1. Turner was named after my maiden name, which is always a bit hard to let go. 

2. My husband and I are avid Dave Ramsey fans and are trying to become debt free and then pay off our house. Can you imagine having no debt and no mortgage? We can’t wait till that day, and are saving like crazy. Although, we do save to go on a trip just the two of us every year.

3. We have painted every square inch of my home. Every wall, door, and piece of trim. Might be one of my proudest accomplishments, other than having my son naturally (won’t be doing that the 2nd time around). You can see most of our home renovations projects here!

4. We have never celebrated a holiday at home, and most likely won’t.  Our families live a few hours away in opposite directions, and we travel to them for Thanksgiving/Christmas (rotating each holiday w/each family).  I don’t think negatively of it, because growing up it was the same for myself. We would take a road trip to my grandparents every year, and celebrate the holidays with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and a big feast.

5. I am a contributor for Austin Moms Blog, which is a great resource for any Mom in any stage of life. You can check out my posts here!

Thanks again Jesse! I am so honored that you chose my design to celebrate your little boys birthday! Wishing you and your sweet family lots of continued love and happiness! xoxo