global talent search | assignment one

Last year I stepped of my comfort zone and took a "make art that sells" class through Lilla Rogers Studio. It was one of the best things I did for my self-confidence as a designer/illustrator. Because I have NO formal training in design...I used to feel a little inadequate, like maybe I shouldn't really be doing this since I really don't know how I even know how to do it! I always just draw/create what feels "right" to me at the time.  The most important thing I learned from Lilla was to keep creating "my joy". Do what makes me feel good and people will be drawn to my work.

I decided to enter Lilla's 2014 Global Talent Search. Out of the 1,000 + participants...she whittles down the list to 50 finalists after the first assignment (which was due today). Don't get me wrong...I love to win, who doesn't?? But if nothing comes of this except for the fact that it inspired me to create another fun piece of wall art for the first assignment...then I've still won!

Assignment #1 : Create a terrarium wall art piece incorporating at least 1 word 


Here is my interpretation of the assignment: