real families choose elm & gray | worthy fritz

One of the most rewarding things about being a designer is the thrill I get knowing that real families are choosing my work to be a part of their lives in some intimate, special way. Whether it's a personalized pillow to add a special touch to their family room or announcing the birth of their newborn to the will NEVER get old.

To celebrate this, I have decided to start a series where I showcase families who have chosen Elm & Gray to be a part of their lives! I introduce sweet little Worthy Fritz and his proud parents, Holly and Worthy.

Congratulations on the birth of your little boy! He is gorgeous!

This little boy is such a joy! He is a pure daddy's boy.  He loves being outside in the hot desert climate where we live (exactly like his daddy and granddaddy!) His favorite thing to look at is light and ceiling fans :) 

His name is beautiful, very unique. Can you tell me a little about that?

My husband and father in law are both named Worthy. My father in law received this name when he was born and wasn't expected to live, so his mother said he was "Worthy" of life.  Fritz is my husband's grandfather's name which means "peace ruler".

Your announcement photo is so adorable!
His announcement came from an idea that I had to do an overhead shot with the camera. At some point I saw a photographer on Instagram incorporate different objects to illustrate the baby measurements, so I took that idea and ran with it!  I tried to use colors within the announcement photo that would correspond with his nursery. When I came up with his nursery theme, I really tried to use colors and objects within the room that would be more sophisticated and less babyish, so that it could easily transition as he grew older. I decided on a gray/black and white color scheme with an Aztec/arrow theme.  I looked on Tiny Prints for about two minutes, and as soon as I saw your arrowed intro design I knew it was perfect for us!

Thanks so much Holly! I am so honored that you chose my design to announce your little angel to the world!

  arrowed intro  design available exclusively at tiny prints

arrowed intro design available exclusively at tiny prints